17 Ace Things To Eat, See & Do In Tampa Florida!

17 Ace Things To Eat, See & Do In Tampa Florida!

Welcome to sunny Tampa Bay in Florida! 🌞 In this video I cover 17 of the best things to eat, see and do in Tampa Florida. Including the largest Spanish restaurant in the world, getting up close and personal to giraffes, the BEST Cuban sandwiches, the largest private wine collection on the planet – and so much more! 🍷🌴🦒

Below are all the places I visited and things I did in Tampa, and you can skip straight to each section in the video if you want to.

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1) 00:18 A quick intro to the world famous Cuban sandwich

2) 0:58 La Segunda Bakery, possibly making the best Cuban bread in Florida!

3) 1:38 Take a ride on Tampa Bay’s historic (and free!) street car

4) 1:58 Explore Ybor City and its 130 years of history

5) 2:29 Witness the art of hand-rolling Cuban cigars at Tabanero


6) 2:40 Eat at Columbia Restaurant, the largest Spanish restaurant in the world!

7) 3:11 Meet Ybor City’s wild-roaming feathered residents


8) 3:30 Check out Tampa Bay’s annual Cuban Sandwich and Food Festival

9) 3:41 Stay at the boutique The Epicurean Hotel, perfect for foodies


10) 4:04 Don’t miss a steak dinner at Bern’s, which also has the largest private wine collection in the world!

11) 4:36 Stop by Goody Goody for their huge 12 inch buttermilk pancakes


12) 4:54 Spend the day at Busch Gardens where you can hand feed giraffes!

13) 5:31 Re-fuel from the many traders at the Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival

14) 6:04 Go for brunch and coffee at the stunning Oxford Exchange

15) 6:24 Try the fantastic tasting menu at twice voted ‘best restaurant in Tampa’, Rooster & The Till

16) 7:05 Head for al fresco drinks and dinner by the waterfront at Sparkman Wharf


17) 7:17 Slurp some of the best ramen south of NYC at Ichicoro

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    Tampa Bay is my home town! I don’t live there anymore. Great video, loved the narration – I miss it

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