An Introduction to Incorporating in Florida

Starting a business?  Relocating your corporation’s headquarters?

The state of Florida is ripe with business opportunity.  The Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, recently proclaimed that Florida “”is a story of a robust economy, of technology innovation, of entrepreneurship, of international commerce, and of a great quality of life.”” These are all excellent reasons to incorporate in Florida.

Additionally, the economic statistics agree with the Governor’s position. For instance, in the first quarter of 2005, Florida’s GSP (Gross State Product) was $613.9 billion. This number is up 1.2% from the previous quarter and more astoundingly, is up 4.6% from the previous year.  As you can see, the business climate in the state of Florida is encouraging. 

Besides having a robust economy, there are many government incentives to encourage you to conduct business and/or incorporate in Florida.  Some examples include targeted qualified industry tax refunds to special zones and sites that eliminate state and local taxes to encourage development.  This situation, combined with a trained subsidized workforce, creates optimal business conditions.

However, we have not even touched upon the quality of life in Florida. Why wait until retirement to move to the warmer “sunshine state”? Besides being good for business, Florida is also one of the top retirement destinations in the United States. With a zone 10 gardening season, year-round use of beaches, and exotic flora and fauna, who wouldn’t want to enjoy all sunny Florida has to offer?
From the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic to the rolling hills of Northwest Florida and the Latin flavor of South Florida, there definitely is a place for all to enjoy and prosper.

Still not convinced?  Forbes magazine lists nineteen billionaires that call Florida home. Assuming that these people have more than enough money to live anywhere they want, the fact that they choose Florida speaks volumes.

On another note, the strong partnership between government and business leaders in the
state suggests that Florida will enjoy solid and sustained economic development in the times ahead. Concerned individuals from all sectors united to rebuild Florida after the devastation of four hurricanes in a short six-week period in late November of 2004. The way the whole state pulled itself together with a steady, resilient message that “business will go on” was very impressiveHealth Fitness Articles, indeed.

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