Gourmet Cheesesteak and Pizza, Melbourne Fl

Gourmet Cheesesteak and Pizza, Melbourne Fl

Cynthia here at Gourmet Cheesesteak & Pizza Company in Melbourne,FL showing you the making of the best Pizza I’ve EVER tasted, compliments of Lelo ( italian chef ) get more pizza for your buck at Gourmet Cheesesteak & Pizza, these Pizzas’ are huge! Fold em up and enjoy! One pizza can feed a family! Or buy them by the slice. Not enough room here to explain the taste of the REAL TASTE of the REAL PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS sold here too. Not available in Florida ….Now you can enjoy a cheesesteak the way the north makes them.

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  1. ANGELA DE ROSA on October 22, 2019 at 12:02 am

    e mentre mantiene la pizza mio marito sta dicendo in mente a se, muovt cess che il vassoio scotta, brucia ….ahahahah
    piccolino come si morde il muso…
    kmq amo’ sei un mostro la fai ballare troppo bella ….. <3 <3

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