How to Attack the King in Center? | Important Principles

How to Attack the King in Center? | Important Principles

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When you want to attack your opponent’s king in the center:

1) You should try to open some files and diagonals in and around the center in order to expose the opponent’s king.
2) Also, you should try to prevent your opponent from castling, even if you have to sacrifice a pawn or a piece to gain initiative.

In this video lesson, the RCA guest coach GM Marian Petrov will teach you how to deliver a strong attack against your opponent’s king in the center, especially in the openings not involving gambits or sacrifices where the king is exposed. He will also explain how to attack when your opponent is a strong player.

He shows his game that he played against WGM Keti Tsatsalashvili in the Caro-Kann 1.e4 c6. In this game, Marian made use of the slow development of Keti and never allowed her to castle her king, and eventually delivered a killer-blow in the center.

He started this attack by sacrificing his b-pawn to open up his b-file and c-file which activated his rooks. He then coordinated his other pieces – his queen, bishop, and a strong pawn in the center, to finish the attack.

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