Indialantic Fla – Melbourne Beach March 2008

Indialantic Fla – Melbourne Beach March 2008

This is Indialantic By the Sea in Florida and the Boardwalk which is the beach in Melbourne which is halfway down the east coast of Florida, about 20 mi south of Cocoa Beach. It is my hometown where I grew up. This was shot on a trip down to Fla in March 2008 and shot on March 14th.

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  1. FLBeachBungalow on February 4, 2020 at 11:44 pm

    I lived there for 20+ years and still come back every fall on "hurricane watch" because I still own my old home on Wavecrest Ave. that’s now a vacation rental.
    It’s way better to be there than not if a storm is coming. I admit though that it’s just an excuse to be back at the beach.
    Fall rules! 80+ degree water and air temps, no one around, and you never know when the surf is going to get REALLY big.
    Stay with us next time. We give wayward locals discounts for pilgrimages.:)
    Beach Bungalow

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