LIVE Animal Cam – Watch Wildlife 24/7 (*Night Vision*) – 🐰🦊

LIVE Animal Cam – Watch Wildlife 24/7 (*Night Vision*) – 🐰🦊

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My name is Scott and welcome to my LIVE animal camera located in my backyard. I live in Akron, Ohio in a residential neighborhood near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This animal cam provides entertainment but also a chance to learn the backyard creatures of the eastern USA. Learn more about me and my animal cameras on my website:

The wildlife you can expect to see includes squirrels, skunks, foxes, deer, raccoons, ducks, rabbits, chipmunks, opossums, and numerous birds (cardinals, jays, crows, doves, sparrows). You can observe nature 24/7; some of the most entertaining animals only come out at night! ID Guide can be found here:

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Bird Feeder Cam Located ABOVE:
Germany Bird Feeder Cam!

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3 in 1 Tray Feeder:
Ground Birdbath:
Toy Alien: (The alien is typically hidden somewhere in view on either cam. Good luck!)

-The 4K, high definition (HD) camera I use for streaming:

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1. What does the surrounding area look like?
Check out this “Behind the Scenes” video:

2. What bird food or feeders are you currently using?
Due to seasonality and my experimentation, I continuously rotate feeders and try different food combinations. This fact makes it hard to display a list of exactly the products you see in the live stream. If you have a specific question, please ask in the live chat on YouTube and me or someone else from the community will answer. You could also try this article:

3. Where can I purchase *insert bird feeder*?
All of the feeders featured in the live stream are available in my Amazon store.

4. How can I stop or slow down the squirrels?!
Stopping squirrels from eating all of your bird food is one of the most common problems backyard birders face. There are a few strategies that I use and recommend.
To learn more, read this article that I wrote:

5. Blackbirds, such as grackles or starlings, are driving me crazy! How can I get them to go away?
Blackbirds can overwhelm bird feeders when they visit in a giant flock. Whenever this happens to me, I have found the most effective way to discourage these aggressive birds is to change the food that I am using. Learn more here :

6. How much food do you go through and how much do you spend?
As you can imagine, the amount of bird food and seed that gets eaten each day is highly variable and depends on the weather, season, and the birds that visit. But as an average, I probably go through about 5 lbs of food per day. As for how much I spend to feed all these hungry birds; currently, I am spending about $250/month!

7. I want a live bird cam in my backyard! How do I do it?
I wrote a guide to get you started:
I am looking for more partners from around the world! If you have an interest in streaming your feeders to Bird Watching HQ AND want to earn some extra money, send me an email at for more details.

8. Where are you located?
I live in a suburb of Akron, Ohio. The birds and mammals you see are common to the eastern United States.
9. What type of bird is that?
Check out this ID Guide for help:

10. When did you start streaming?
September 2018

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