MOTEL 6 Palm Bay REVIEW & Tour (Affordable Clean Safe 1170 Malabar Rd SE Florida Melbourne Hotels)

MOTEL 6 Palm Bay REVIEW & Tour (Affordable Clean Safe 1170 Malabar Rd SE Florida Melbourne Hotels)

Video Property Tour and my personal review of the Motel 6 Palm Bay hotel Florida Malabar Rd location. Overall I was satisfied. At the time of my stay in February 2017 it cost $62 which included tax. Internet service which was very fast only cost an extra couple of bucks. I officially booked through however you can get the same rate directly through Motel 6 or another booking place. The rooms which are exterior (entrance facing outside) and all on the ground floor, are outdated, and zero renovation & repairs which are made in a cheap but professional way. The property I can tell is very well taken care of despite the age and the area and hotel seems very safe. You are required to have a parking permit and it’s in the same parking lot entrance as the Lowe’s Hardware store to the left. The pool, lobby, coin laundry area, and grounds were super clean. The room was also very clean and I can tell the maintenance has been keeping up with the rooms. Unfortunately there are no refrigerators, microwaves, or alarm clocks in the room and breakfast is not served in the morning. They do have complementary coffee. There is plenty of parking space and I’m sure being next to Lowes and layout that RVs, trailers, big rig tractor trailer trucks, and Uhaul Trucks are welcomed. So to recap the pros are 1. Affordable 2. Clean 3. Safe 4. Pool 5. Coffee 6. Awesome Wi-fi connection. The cons are 1. outdated 2. No refrigerator/Microwave/alarm clock 3. no breakfast/workout room/newspaper
Overall I would recommend this place if you want a safe clean place to take a nap, chill, and relax that is affordable. Thanks for watching and subscribe for more reviews.

1170 Malabar Rd SE, Palm Bay, FL 32907 (Exit 173 off interstate I-95) Phone: 321-951-8222

You can book at the following websites: Google Reviews Yelp
LOCAL Zip Codes: 32901 32904 32919 32935 32940 32902 32912 32934 32936 32941 32905 32906 32907 32908 32910 32911

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  1. Brian Sherrick on October 10, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    This guy was obviously paid to give this motel a favorible review. First of all, he emphasizes that it is a safe place to stay. In reality, it is anything but. This location is a known crime area. Drugs and prostitution are abundant at this motel. Second, it is not clean at all. The place is in disrepair. Infested with roaches. Holes in the floor where beneath the carpet the floor rotted and bottomed out. The smell of mold is heavy in the air upon first entering. The beds, infested with bed bugs. The tv has only 4 channels that barely come in. The wi-fi is a joke and waiste of money. The pool is not "mirror" clean. I know all of this because, in february 2017 I too was staying there. I had to move rooms several times as a result of various issues with the rooms. No A/C, mold, bed bugs, no water pressure in shower. Room 237 (same room he shows in this video) happened to be one of the rooms i had to be switched from. At $60, you could spend $12 more/night and stay at the Days Inn in Melbourne. Where included in the price of the room is a refrigerator, microwave, flat screen TV with over 100 channels, free continental breakfast and clean & comfortable beds & rooms. Trust me, i know first-hand. I could not take Motel 6 Palm Bay any longer than i had. I made the switch to Days Inn Melbourne and was very happy I made the switch. Beware of Motel 6 Palm Bay. Ask any of the locals. Be safe.

  2. Daniel Young on October 10, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    $60 in February wow!

  3. HowTo Curt on October 10, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    Thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe for more fun reviews of services and products.

  4. eifeldude1 on October 10, 2019 at 10:07 pm

    This place is behind a chain link fence with a police notice and closed. Anyone know why?

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